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Do you want to relocate to Australia? but are unsure about how? Don’t worry! Our team of certified Australia Immigration Consultants in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is at Phoenix Immigration Consultant. Our services are concentrated on providing our esteemed clients with the greatest possible experience for all of their immigration and PR visa requirements. Whenever you require specialist services, our committed team is available to assist you in the most efficient and competent way possible.


Our professionals support you every step of the way and take the required actions to guarantee that your visa application satisfies all immigration standards for Australia. A safe and easy visa application process is no longer a dream when you work with Phoenix Immigration Consultant!




Australia is renowned for its landscape, which is incredibly beautiful with sunny beaches, crystal-clear oceans, and lush surrounding vegetation. Aside from that, though, the nation has a lot to offer in terms of employment, education, and healthcare; it is a land of expanding potential with among the top healthcare systems in the world.

The nation is more than simply a pretty facade; it also has a solid core. Positioned at 13th place globally and ranking 9th in terms of per capita income, it is among the world’s largest and fastest-growing economies. In addition, the nation ranks second in the world for Human Development Index, making it the greatest in the world for life quality, educational attainment, and employment rate. Furthermore, immigrants account for nearly 28% of the country’s population, which speaks volumes about its immigration laws and makes it the immigrant-heavy nation!

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The government of Australia provides potential immigrants with different visa options. Just look at the following that you can choose to relocate to this beautiful country:

You can move to awesome Australia and become a permanent resident in three different ways that include a family-stream permanent visa, work-stream permanent visa, and business or investor-stream permanent visa.

To live and work in Australia, you will need this visa. However, the type of work visa completely depends on the duration you want to stay in the country.

Whether you want to visit Australia for travel purposes or want to attend an event or conference, you can opt for a visit and tourism visa to enjoy your time.